Smart Thermostat

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What is BOIL?

  • BOIL is a Wi-Fi programmable smart thermostat controller with a touchscreen. The device is an Internet connected relayed module, that includes a weekly schedule. It can be programmed and controlled via an Internet connected PC, smartphone or via the built-in touch display.
  • BOIL allows the fast automation of every solar water heater, regardless of its manufacturer or model.
  • The technology set in BOIL allows it to connect with any Wi-Fi network, without the need for any additional settings.
  • BOIL allows the users to receive real-time information for all connected devices; their work and current status.
  • BOIL includes a main controlling module with built-in touch display, temperature and humidity sensor, as well as wirelessly controlled relay module.

Why choose BOIL

  • It saves money from the energy bills
  • Optimizes the energy consumption of every connected device
  • Fully integrated control system
  • User-friendly application interface
  • Flexible work regimes – thermostat and on/off
  • Secure access and control from every part of the world


BOIL can be used to control:

  • Solar water heaters
  • Gas and solid fuel boilers
  • Electric boilers 
  • Irrigation systems
  • Various types of electrical devices

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